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December 17, 2012
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Well just so you lovely readers know... Sasuke might be a little OOC....

I'm not sure how this will turn out...

so um yeah... ENJOY!!~ :squee:

Oh please comment if there are any spelling mistakes or if you wanna tell me your opinion of this!!


"(Name)-CHAN!!!!!" A voice yelled. You glance up from your book and notice your teammate Naruto running up to you.  You pull a strand of your (hair color) locks behind your ear. You smiled "H-hey N-Naruto." You stated. "Sakura and I were going to Ichiraku for ramen!! Wanna come??" He asked. "Sure." You replied. Naruto grinned. "Great!!" He said grabbing your hand and pulling you off the bench.

~.~ At Ichiraku ~.~

Naruto walks in and notices Sasuke with Sakura. You blushed brightly. "Who invited him??" Naruto asked. "I did." Sakura replied. Sakura looks at you. "Oh hey (Name)-san!" She said smiling. "H-hey Sa-Sakura.." You stuttered. Sakura glared at Naruto. "Did you sneak up on (Name)-san again??" Sakura asked. "NO!! I PROMISE SAKURA-CHAN!!" Naruto yelled. You chuckled. You took a seat between Sakura and Sasuke. "So (Name)-chan, how's your training going?? Did you master that jutsu??" She asked. You nodded. "Y-yeah I did.. I had a bit of Naruto's help.. I'm also having Kakashi-sensei train me with some other jutsu." You replied. "Oh that's great!!" She said smiling. Sasuke looked at you. "Which jutsu is he teaching you??" Sasuke asked. You looked over at Sasuke. "Chidori." You replied. "Really!?! Isn't that like a really advance jutsu??" Sakura asked. You point at Sasuke. "He learned it in a week.. And K-Kakashi-sensei says I could learn it in a w-week t-too..." You replied. A couple of seconds later Ayame came over to take your orders. "Two bowls of pork ramen!!" Naruto ordered for himself and you. "A bowl of Miso ramen." Sakura stated. "A bowl of pork ramen." Sasuke stated. Ayame nods and walks off. You felt a pair of eyes staring at you from your left. You turn slightly and your (eye color) orbs met a pair of onyx ones. "Yes S-Sasuke??" You asked. "I don't get you.." He stated. "Um I don't understand Sasuke." You stated. "You never fret over your hair, looks, or anything like most girls in this village." he replied. You blushed slightly. "I n-never really plan out my outfits and I just normally put my hair in a braid, so it's out of my w-way when I train." You said smiling. You could tell Sakura was glaring at your back with jealousy. You turn away from Sasuke when your bowls of ramen were placed in front in front of you. "Thanks for the food." You all said.

~.~ After Naruto finished his 16 bowls of ramen~.~

You sighed. "Thanks for paying for the food (Name)-chan!!" Naruto cheered hugging you. "Y-yeah y-your welcome.. But you owe me the money..." you stated. "Aww Don't be like that (Name)-chan!!" He whined. "Don't (Name)-Chan me... I do want my money back.." you replied. Naruto sighed and released the hug he had in. "You're mean (Name)-chan!!" He whined again. You giggled. "You two are weird...” Sakura giggled. You smiled. "Well without (Name)-chan and I, Yours and Sasuke's world would be filled with complete boringness!!!" Naruto cheered. "Boringness isn't a word you dobe.." Sasuke stated. "It a-actually is.. It’s a noun.." You muttered.

~.~ After dropping off Naruto and Sakura at home ~.~

The sun had finally started to set. You looked at Sasuke and smiled. "It's beautiful s-sun set.." You said smiling. "Why do you stutter??" Sasuke asked. You sighed. "I stutter because I get nervous sometimes and I'm seriously shy...." You exclaimed. "Why are you shy??" He asked. "It's just hard... Trying to make friends, I mean.. I don't wanna embarrass myself.." you whispered. He stopped walking and looked at you as you continued talking. "I just don't want to b-be teased for my s-soft voice...” You stated. Sasuke placed his hand on your shoulder. "Your voice isn't soft... It's actually really beautiful.." he said. You went red in the face. "S-seriously????" You asked. "Seriously." He replied. You smiled softly. "Thanks...” You replied hugging him. Sasuke's hand caressed your cheek. "Another thing that is different about you is that you don't wear any makeup." He said getting close to your face. Your eyes flashed silver as you started to hear Sasuke's thoughts. 'I love (Name) I think I'd give up my dream for revenge just to stay with her....' Sasuke glanced at you. "Are you okay (Name)??" he asked. You close your eyes. "Y-yeah." You said blushing. Sasuke looked at you a bit confused and unsure. "Are you sure?? Your face is red.. You sure you're not running a fever?" He asked. You giggled. "You sound like Naruto, when he sees Hinata-chan blushing." You stated. Sasuke smiled a rare smile. "You're a good friend, so I worry about you." He stated. "That's k-kind o-of you." You replied. The sun landed on your (hair color) locks. "The sun makes your hair look beautiful." Sasuke whispered. You blushed. "T-thank you S-Sasuke." You replied. You noticed your house. "Well it looks like we're almost towards your house." Sasuke said frowning. You let out sigh. "Y-yeah..." You mumbled. You both stop in front of you door. "(Name)-Chan... I Love you.." Sasuke stated grabbing your hand. "I l-love you t-too...” You whispered. He smiled and kissed your lips softly. He placed something in your hand closed your hand over it. "Bye my lovely (Name)-san.." He stated. You smiled and opened the door to your apartment. You felt a sigh of happiness leave your lips. "Best night ever.." You said flopping onto the couch. You unclench your hand and looked at the cute little pendent with a note attached to it. You looked at the note. '(Name) you have been driving me crazy all my life and I couldn't get you out of my head when we meet in the academy. I want you to be my girlfriend... (A/N: I know... COMPLETE OOC!!) Meet me at the waterfall after your training with Kakashi-sensei. -Sasuke. You blushed and placed the pendent on the table next to you. You smiled and fell asleep.

~~ Time Skip: After your training with Kakashi ~~

You sigh and lay back against the rocks by the waterfall. You played with the pendent and smiled. 'I'm really nervous' You sighed and placed your sore feet into the cold water. The (favorite color) crystal of the pendent glinted in the sun. "Oi (Name)-san!!" Sasuke said. "Ohayo!!" You stated. He smirked. "I see you're wearing the pendent.." He stated. "Y-yeah." You stated. "So is that a yes??" He asked. You stood up and walked over to him. "Hai." You stated. He smiled and kissed your forehead.


~The End~

I :heart: Sasuke but not in that crazy fangirl way... I'm annoyed with how Sakura is in the beginning of NARUTO, but now I think she's ok... :squee: I'm glad they put NARUTO back on T.V. SORRY FOR THE SHORTNESS!!!

Sasuke :iconmasashikishimotoplz:
You You
Plot :iconxxbloodystarzxx:
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Sasuke: I love you
Me: ... okay haha where's the camera? Is this a joke? Or are you intoxicated?
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