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December 23, 2012
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Since Christmas is two days away...
I'M WRITING A CHRISTMAS THEMED READER INSERT!!! I hope you people enjoy this!!!!!!!
Also I hope everyone here on DeviantART have a wonderful and blessed Holidays!!
I'm seriously freezing... Even Though I'm curled up in a blanket......

You snuggled into your jacket as you walked up the steps of the DWMA with your Meister. "I hate the cold...” you muttered to no one.”Aww Cheer up (Name)-Chan!!~" Your Meister Tora said laughing. "Shut Up!!!" You snapped. Tora smiled. "I don't think Soul would appreciate your crankiness." She stated.You sigh and place your arms around the back of your head. "I just don't like the cold.." you exclaimed. Tora opened the door and yanked you inside. "THE GLORIOUS WARMTH!!" You screamed. People looked at you like this: O__o. You blushed from embarrassment. "Oi!! Weirdos quit the staring." Tora said laughing. You smiled when you noticed Soul and Maka walking towards you. "Hey there Soul." Tora said with a small smile."I really hope Lord Death decides to cancel missions...” You mumbled. "Why?" Maka asked. You point at the door. "THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT I AM GOING TO GO OUT IN THE DAMN COLD!!!" You snapped with your (eye color) orbs flashing with anger. Tora put a arm around your shoulder."Miss. (Name)-Chan here can get cranky when it's cold." She stated. Maka adjusted the box in her arms. “I think we noticed that.” She stated. You glanced at the box."Decorations??" You asked. "Yeah, Lord Death wanted students in the Eat class to decorate the school." She stated. Tora glanced at the contents in the box. "Maka why don't you let Soul and (Name)-Chan set those decorations up and we can get another box from Lord Death-sama." Tora said with a devilish grin. "Um.. Sure?" Maka said a bit unsure. Soul let out a sigh and took the box from Maka. "This is so not cool." He muttered. You chuckled and followed behind Soul.

~Maka's P.O.V~

"Tora what do you have planned??" I asked. Tora grinned. "You didn't look in the box did you??" She asked. "No, actually we didn't."  
I replied. Tora's grin became wider. "Well let’s just say things in (Name)'s and Soul's life is going to be extremely different."Tora said opening the door to the Death Room. 

~Back With You and Soul!!~

You put your (Hair Color) locks into a ponytail. "Did you get the ladder (Name)?"Soul asked. You nodded and pointed to your left. "I kinda had to fight with Black
Star to get the stupid thing." You replied. Soul chuckled. "I'm guessing you won?" Soul asked. You blushed when he chuckled. "I wouldn't have the ladder if I lost." You replied with a soft smile. You watch Soul set the ladder up. You opened box and pulled out one of the wreaths in the box. You handed Soul the wreath in your hand. "You know I could do this for you Soul." You stated. You hear Soul grin. "I think I can handle it (Name)." He replied. You shake your head and look inside the box and notice a mistletoe. You blushed and placed it in the pocket of your jacket. You handed Soul the silver garland that in the box. "Oi Soul!! Wanna put up the rest of the decorations inside or outside the Crescent Moon classroom?" You asked. Soul stepped down from the ladder and looked at you. "What's left in the box??" He asked. "This little tree thing and another wreath." You stated. Soul shrugged. "Let’s go then." He stated. You smiled and follow him to the classroom.
~Tora's P.O.V~

I sighed and sat on one of the desks. I glanced at Maka. "Where are they?" I asked. She shrugged. "Probably still setting up." She replied. "I hate waiting...." I groaned. "IM AM NOT SHORT!!" A voice yelled. Both me and Maka glanced up and see (Name) and Soul walking into the classroom. I chuckled and walked over to (Name) and Soul. "Oh Hey (Name)!" I stated. She smiled. "Hey there Tora." (Name) replied. I grinned and took the mistletoe that was about to fall out of her pocket.

~Normal P.O.V.~

You let out a small gasp when you see Tora holding the mistletoe from your pocket. "(Name)-Chan what was this doing in your pocket??" Tora asked. You blushed. "I found it in the box.." You replied. Tora grinned. "It took ya awhile to find it!!" She stated. You and Soul tilt your heads. “You knew that was in there??” You ask. “Hai." Tora stood in front of you and Soul while holding the mistletoe above your heads. "I know you two have been crushing on each other since you first met... So... KISS!!!" She stated. You glanced at Soul and noticed that he was blushing. You let out a sigh and grabbed Soul's cheeks and kissed him softly on the lips. You pulled away and blushed. Soul grinned and pulled you into a hug. "I love you (Name)." He whispered into your ear. "Love you too.." You stated. "Aww!! How cute!!~" Tora said giggling. Both you and Soul blush. "Tora lets leave the two lovebirds alone." Maka stated with a smile.

:heart: ~The End~:heart:

Well.. Here is my Christmas themed Reader insert!!
:iconsouleaterplz: © Atsushi Okubo
You © You
Tora and Plot © :iconxxbloodystarzxx:
Sorry for the shortness!!!
There might be slight cursing...
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